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Check out our Monthly Health Fit Club PLR Content Membership… Designed for Bloggers Like You Who Need to Keep High Quality Content Flowing In

If you make money online by way of the weight loss, dieting, or health and fitness niches, then you know that a well-fed blog is essential. Your weight loss publishing goals are of course as follows:

  • Drive traffic to your healthy dieting and weight loss focused blog each and every day by way of high quality articles and tips.
  • Entice people to sign up to your list by offering information on the hottest, trendiest diets that have been proven to work.
  • Gather even more healthy dieting and weight loss content that you can package up and sell as info products and ecourses, and/or offer as part of a private membership.
  • Connect with readers via email to encourage them to buy and share with friends who also become customers.

That's a lot of content production!


 Good thing we have an affordable PLR membership to help deliver timely, relevant dieting tips, fitness facts and healthy living how-to info each and every month.

You and your readers have everything to gain when you sign up to access unique, high quality, healthy diet and weight loss content via our monthly PLR membership.

It's called the Health Fit Club. Each month, we'll be zeroing in on healthy and safe dieting practices for 2018 - covering popular and proven diets that work. Think Ketogenic and low-carb, paleo diet, Mediterranean Diet, South Beach Diet, plant-based eating and much more.

What is the Health Fit Club PLR Membership?

Back by popular demand, the Health Fit Club PLR Membership gets you access to unique, high quality, healthy dieting and weight loss content that you can brand, edit, put your name on, share with and sell to an info-hungry audience of readers and customers each and every month.

This content is exclusive to members only as of January 2018. It will NOT be sold to our PLR customers who buy through the website.

Content will have a big focus on diets for 2018 – covering popular and proven diets that work. This will include ‘diets’ as a way of healthy living as well and not just to lose weight.

What's Included with the Health Fit Club PLR Membership?

5,000 words of private label rights content each month, including…

Main Report

A brandable, editable report to share or sell that covers one of the latest dieting and healthy living trends of 2018


Email Follow Up Series

7-part email series and/or blog posts


Attractive Ecovers

Professionally designed ecover for the report, including PSD file for editing


Slide Deck 

PowerPoint slides of the main points of the report

Suggested Affiliate Resources

Affiliate product linking suggestions and resource document



Royalty Free Images to add to your blog posts, publish in emails, add to your eBooks or even print out materials to distribute in person

Social Media

Social Media Posters to help you drive traffic via Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other popular sites

Your diet trend and healthy weight loss content delivery will arrive right in your inbox each month. Content is instantly accessible via your BuyPLRToday member area with a simple login. Download the files right to your computer and get to work publishing, attracting new signups, and generating profit each and every day!

This month's content preview:

Benefits of the Health Fit Club PLR Membership

This is exclusive content – available to members only. You get a fresh bundle of original content each month to edit, brand and publish to the delight of your dieting, weight loss and fitness readers.

There's endless potential for use - including as lead magnets to grow your list, info products to sell or offer as gifts, blog posts to drive traffic, social media snippets to attract more blog readers and sign-ups, online course materials, how-to videos to help build confidence in your brand, and MUCH more!

What else can you create from our high quality PLR dieting and weight loss content?

The possibilities really are endless. Publish this in a wide variety of forms, both online and in print. Edit, cut, paste, reuse, re-purpose… PDFs, blog articles, newsletter issues, instructional and promotional videos, ecourses, autoresponders, and in-person presentations are just a few of the many, many uses available to you!

How Much for the Health Fit Club Membership?

We love to provide high value offers to our customers - so you get a special introductory price of $7 per month to start, with $10 per month after that.

What if the Health Fit Club PLR content membership isn't right for me?

Cancel your membership via PayPal any time, with no questions asked and no hassles. But we really believe that you will love everything about our PLR Health Fit Club Membership!

Get instant access to our Health Fit Club Now!

Here's what's included when you sign up:

  • 5,000 words of content 
  • 7 part email follow up series
  • Professional ecovers with PSD files
  • PowerPoint Slide Deck of Main Points of Report
  • Suggested Affiliate Programs 
  • check
    Royalty Free Images
  • check
    Social Media Graphics with PSD files

Never be stuck for health content again!




100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If for some reason, you aren't happy with the content within the first 30 days, simply cancel your membership and you won't be billed again.  

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