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Just announced Feb 11 – Fiverr is Now Accepting Bitcoins

As you can see Fiverr is going mainstream and accepting Bitcoins…and You Need to Jump on the Bitcoin Trend today!  Keep reading to discover why….

Hi Fellow Marketers:

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How Would You Like to Cash In on the Bitcoin Buzz?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has exploded onto the scene in just a few short years. I don’t know about you but every time I turn on the news I see Bitcoin being discussed. This is why now is the perfect time to incorporate it into your business in some manner.  

Large retailers such as Overstock and Fiverr are incorporating this currency into their business. Why? Because customers are requesting it! It is now possible to purchase cars and homes with Bitcoin. If you run any type of ecommerce store, you should start contemplating about accepting this popular currency.

Not sure what Bitcoin is all about and how to use it?

No problem at allI have done all the research for you and explained the details of what Bitcoin is and how to use it in easy to understand layman’s terms. Use this information for yourself or to give to your customers, they’ll be thanking you for it!

The biggest problem with Bitcoin and Digital currencies in general is that people are feeling:


They feel that this topic is just too complicated and difficult or they KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT! 

This product is aimed at the rapidly-growing number of people who are looking for ways to profit with Bitcoin. Searching for the term ‘bitcoin’ in Google returns 41,000,000 results.

With this many people searching for this type of information daily, why not position yourself as the go to person in the Bitcoin niche?  These people  are searching for INFORMATION, they want to have their Blinders taken off and their eyes opened.

YOU can be the person to do just this.

YOU can enlighten them by answering all of their questions such as:

  • What is Bitcoin and why is everyone talking about it
  • How does Bitcoin Work and is it easy to understand
  • What is Bitcoin Mining, I am hearing so much about it
  • How to buy and trade Bitcoins and the best places to do so
  • How to prevent theft from your Bitcoin wallet
  • How to store Bitcoins the easy way

Here’s a comment I found on a forum:

“My only gripe is that the book doesn’t have a glossary for some of the more technical terms – something a technology layman such as myself requires. “

This product comes with a Bitcoin Glossary – you have just solved one problem!

Potential customers are out there and they just NEED to find a solution so they can truly understand what Bitcoin is really all about.

With this product you have all the material you need to be successful in this niche.



Bitcoin Buzz  PLR Niche Pack

With news that sites like Fiverr are jumping on board, this only means that more companies will be following suit. You don’t want to get left behind do you? 

Do you have a website or are thinking of starting one in any of the following areas?

If so adding Bitcoin information just makes plain sense. Don’t delay be the first person to use this content and become known as a Bitcoin Authority!

  • digital currency
  • forex
  • finance
  • business related
  • money related

Bitcoin is constantly making the News! Take a Look!

Bitcoin is changing financing in the same way that the internet changed publishing!

What does the media say about Bitcoin?

CNN – Nov 20th 2013 : “Bitcoin Boom, Digital Currency Hits $900 Value”.

USA Today- Nov 18th 2013 : “Lawmakers are grappling with how and whether to regulate the virtual currency”

Forbes- Nov 19th 2013 : “If you want to join the … party, be my guest. The value of a Bitcoin in dollar terms has tripled in the past month as the price has gone parabolic. Who’s to say it can’t triple again in the next month?”

Feb 11, 2014 – Fiverr joins the Bitcoin camp and now accepts payments for gigs with this digital currency.

How to Use Your Bitcoin Niche PLR Pack:

Now let’s look at the different ways you can market Bitcoin  to your potential customers. 

1. Position Yourself as an Authority on the topic of Bitcoins and Digital Currencies – this includes running an informative blog, writing books on the subject or creating a monthly newsletter on Bitcoin.

2. Learn how to mine, buy, sell and trade Bitcoins.

3. Add Bitcoin to your digital currency arsenal.

Sites like Amazon and Clickbank have Bitcoin and Digital currency related products that you can promote.

Amazon has hundreds of products listed for digital currencies.

This means thousands of people are searching for Bitcoin and digital currency related items on a daily basis.

Why else would Amazon and Clickbank list these types of products?  Because they are selling like hotcakes!

With the Bitcoin Niche PLR, there are related products you promote as an affiliate to boost your income. These include:

  • Books
  • Bitcoin Kindle books
  • Bitcoin Miner Blocks
  • Computer products related to mining currencies
  • Investments
  • Kindle Books on stock trading, forex, digital currencies
  • MP3 Downloads

This is What You Get When You Pick This Up Today


  • Introductory PDF – how to use your PLR pack.ebook-softback-small
  • 20 page eBook – ‘Bitcoin Buzz – Learn to Earn wih Bitcoin’  (4,973 words) – sell as your own product.
  • 5 original articles.
  • Articles formatted onto slides – great for creating your own videos. 
  • List of keywords and available domain names – over 300 keywords. Keywords are listed in categories to show you which keywords are easiest to target.
  • 45 Bitcoin  related tweets – schedule in Hoot-suite or Buffer to automate your tweets.
  • Minisite to help you set up and sell the ebook – psd files included for editing purposes in photo shop or gimp.
  • Bitcoin banners – psd files included. Sizes 120 x 600, 160 x 600, 300 x 250, 336 x 280, 486 x 60, 728 x 90


final banners

What’s this going to be worth to you today?

If I were to write this type of content for a customer it would cost at least $350 and that is just for the written content.

A professionally made e cover costs $49.

Headers/Footers and the banner package would cost you another $47.

That’s a total of $446 and I haven’t even calculated research time into that.

Today it is not going to cost you anywhere near that!

I want to give you a Special Offer that provides you value with quality PLR at a price you can afford.

I could easily sell this for $47…. but not today.

Today it will cost you less than $10 for All of this content.

Remember: This is a huge Value Pack  of PLR in the exploding  Bitcoin niche.

Today is the perfect time for you to get this content up on your site and ready for the people who are desperately seeking solutions to understand this niche. 

Bitcoin Buzz


Bonus 1. – All buyers get access to my closed Facebook Group to learn how to use your PLR!

Bonus 2. -How to become a Bitcoin Authority – this short guide provides you with an easy way to stay up to date on all the current news and developments in Bitcoin . Become the Go To person in this niche using this simple but effective method. Takes just a few minutes each day to do!

Bonus 3. – Bitcoin Glossary

Bonus 4. – Bitcoin Research Report – lists affiliate programs and products to promote, Bitcoin forums and blogs and more…

Bonus 5. – Dupe Exam Plug indupeexaminer-box-sm

Allows you to easily see how much of your content is unique. Perfect for customizing your articles.





Why Buy My PLR Products?

Here’s what some satisfied customers have to say:


I first discovered your PLR when I purchased your comprehensive Yoga package on the WF back in December and I am still blown away by how much material was in there – and all excellent quality too, One of the reasons I love your packs so much is because they are well researched as well as well written – really great combination when you are using PLR with a customer base. Business is about customers and you want to provide them with accurate information or your credibility is shot, There’s no chance of that happening with your PLR and you write the same way I like to write so I find it an excellent match. Am absolutely loving the Senior Fitness PLR  and have to say that I have never found a pack from you that wasn’t up to standard. It’s all great quality work every single time.

Thanks Carol Clifford


Sue at BuyPLRToday provides quality PLR products for bloggers and writers of article and e-books. Unlike some PLRs in the market that are poorly written and lacking in substance the PLRs from BuyPLRToday provide a good starting point for writers creating products in a broad range of subjects.  I have found the yoga and health articles particularly useful in preparing future blog posts, articles and e-book for my very new yoga site.

Thanks Sue. Mitch


Wow, it feels like Christmas morning, yet the calendar says differently!

I just opened up Sue’s Mega Yoga PLR Niche Pack and presents galore came tumbling out. I’m astonished.

Sue thought of everything I’d need to set up an awesome yoga site. There’s an ebook, articles, keywords, available URLs, products to promote as an affiliate, a video, tweets, resource guide, headers, footers, banners, with two bonuses – wow!

Everything is here at a mind-blowing price. All I have to do is get the site up and fill it with content and offers, tweet about it.

Extremely high quality. I’m so happy I clicked on the “buy now” button. I’ll be back…..

And PLR to boot!

Santa came early this year with Sue’s business in a box! Thank you Santa – and Sue!

Martha Mayo

shawnsmI used to buy a lot of PLR.  I thought all PLR contained the magic content I needed to get my Blog going.  I also thought all PLR would provide that much-needed shortcut to e-mailing my lists.

I was wrong. 

The first error I made was thinking all PLR was well written.  I wasted a lot of money on junk PLR.

My second error was thinking what I bought was ready to use.  That’s not the right way to make the most of PLR, but I don’t want to have to struggle to put what I buy to use, either.

Now, I only buy PLR from a few trusted sources, and is one of the very few sources I trust to deliver the kind of content I can put to use.

What sets apart?  Well, the quality of the writing is at the top of the list.  I can take the information I get, put my own spin on it, and turn it into content that’s relevant to my audience.  I don’t have to worry about wading though confusing words and phrases that scream POOR WRITING or UNRELIABLE INFORMATION.

 The variety of content provided by is also a plus.  I can use the text, but there are also Power Point slides included, so I can switch things up really fast. 

 With a few alterations to make the content my own, I can have a Webinar or video ready to go.

 If you’re looking for PLR that delivers quality content in ways that make real sense to you and your business, I recommend you give a try.  You’ll be putting your money and the content to great use in no time at all!

Thanks for the great work, Sue!

Shawn Hansen
Bitcoin Buzz

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